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Randy Allemang's 50th Birthday

The First Half-Century Mark!

Well, we all knew it had to happen someday. Randy just passed then half-century mark! Frequent visitors to our web will remember Dave's 60th birthday earlier this year when Randy was the man behind the camera. This time Dave got to return the favor and we all know what they say about paybacks. ;-)

The following are some of the photos of the man and this historic event. (Or is it events of this historic man?)

First of all, we couldn't have a party without the loving support of his family




Here he's explaining to Dave that it's been a LONG time since he's posed for a cake cutting photo and would he just get on with it!


We must also include a shot of one of the guilty organizers. (That's Rhonda on the left.)


Here's Dave, the one time he wasn't behind the camera, explaining to Randy that 50 really isn't that big a deal. (Yeah, right Dave!)


Here he's getting some departmental support


Even the Modal Shop president Mike put in a brief appearence to celebrate this historic occasion!


Plus a couple of long range shots. (An attempt to catch a few of the other celebrants on film.)