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Non-Linear Dynamics Test Facility

Background of the Facility

The Non-Linear Dynamics Test Facility is a new facility that is part of the University of Cincinnati, Structural Dynamics Research Lab. This facility is being sponsored by the Ohio Board of Regents, Investment Fund Program as part of a collaboration with The Ohio State University. For more information on the Investment Fund Program or this particular award, please see the following WWW sites:


Ohio Board of Regents, Investment Fund Program
1996 Ohio Board of Regents Investment Fund Awards
Panel Review of UC/OSU Proposal

Goals/Focus of the Facility

The Non-Linear Dynamics Test Facility is designed to be able to carefully control the load/displacement inputs into automotive structures in order to study the linear vs. non-linear response. Essentially, the facility is a MTS Series 320, 4 Axis Road Simulator that has been adapted for this purpose. Additionally, 200 channels of simultaneous data acquisition (Hewlett Packard VXI 143x) has been added to the facility to support the research.

Spatial domain analysis methods are being researched in order to provide new approaches to the problem of non-linear detection and identification on a multi-degree-of-freedom, non-homogeneous structure. While the majority of the research will be conducted on automotive structures, the analysis techniques will be general and applicable to any structure.