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X-Modal Video Tutorials

X-Modal Video Tutorial Examples

 The following tutorials are provided from a previous version of X-Modal but provide information that is still relevant to the current version.  Please check this page for updated versions of the tutorials.

  X-Modal Video Tutorial Content
  Installing the Software
  Getting Started
  Help Features
  Data Groups
  Universal File Format
  Wireframe Model Editor
  Modal Parameter Estimation (MPE)
  MPE Algorithms
  Mode Indicator Functions
  Consistency Diagrams
  Residue Estimation
  Modal Assurance Criterion (MAC)
   Autonomous Modal Parameter Estimation

 The following videos are under development for the current release of the data acquisition module (VACQ) in X-Modal.  Only the first eight videos are currently available.  Please check back for the rest of the videos in the next few weeks.

  Data Acquisition Video Tutorial Content
   Getting Started
   Instrument Setup
   Test Setup
   Channel Setup
   Application Mode:  MRIT-FRF
   Application Mode:  MIMO FRF
    Application Mode:  Power Spectra
   Application Mode:  Time Capture
   Sensor Calibration
   MRIT-FRF Example:  R-Plate
   MIMO-FRF Example:  C-Plate
   Transducer Database