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UC-SDRL Research Software License

While all licenses to use the UC-SDRL Research Software are free, they all require the purchase of a Distribution/Maintenance Fee to cover the initial distribution of the software and maintenance for the first year.   The Distribution/Maintenance Fee varies according to the number of users. 

The procedure for a UC-SDRL Research Software License acceptance is somewhat simplified, compared to the procedure in the past, in that a UC-SDRL Research Software License can be aggreed upon via the web by using a "click-thru" license acceptance.  In this case the individual is agreeing to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the License.  Licenses that involve a multiple user situation (Multiple User, Educational User or Source Code User) are only slightly more complicated in that a list of the multple users must be included in the Software Security File instead of just one user.  Note that, anyone from the organization associated with the users may also execute the "click-thru" license acceptance but it is not required.   When and if the software is eventually installed, the actual user will be required to accept the license as part of the installation procedure.  In all cases,  each individual is agreeing to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the license.


General Procedure for Obtaining the License and Software

The procedure for obtaining the software involves the following:

1) Accept the license by "clicking-thru" at the end of the license agreement.  This is explained in detail in the following. You will be directed to the License Acceptance Form once you have accepted the license.  If you are requesting a 45 day trial of the software, the license must first be accepted.  Please place any requests in the comment area of the License Acceptance Form.  

2) Provide the information to UC-SDRL concerning the system where the software will be run.  This information must be supplied using the Excel file provided via the hot link download (below).  Just fill out the required information and send the form to  .  If you are requesting a 45 day trial of the software, we are currently limited to supplying this for a 64 bit, Windows 10 operating system.            

Software Security File (Excel xlsx Format):  Click here.

3) Once the license acceptance and security info file has been received, you will be contacted via the email address provided in the above steps.  If further information is required, you will be requested to provide the information before software can be made available.  Part of the additional information will be payment of the Maintenance/Distribution Fee.  Once the above information is complete and UC-SDRL has received payment, you will receive information about how to download the software and the required security file.  Note that payment for the Maintenance/Distribution Fee can be handled throught the UC-SDRL Web Store.


Click Thru License

If you are interested in a reading or making a copy of the UC-SDRL Research Software License, it is available by clicking on the following hot link. 

UC-SDRL Research Software License Agreement  (PDF):  Click here.

In order to receive a Software Security File, you will need to enter information in the following Excel format:

Software Security File (Excel xlsx Format):  Click here.


If you are interested in accepting the license at this time,  it is available by clicking on the following hot link.  Please note that you will be asked for the form of payment.  No payment will be required at this time. You will be contacted via email based upon the information you give and complete details concerning your payment method will be requested at that time.  

TO ACCEPT UC-SDRL Research Software License Agreement  Click here .