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The UC-SDRL Structural Dynamics Research Consortium solicits membership from industry and agencies to support technical development and research in the area of experimental structural dynamics that is of common interest to the Consortium members and the UC-SDRL.

Projects undertaken by the Consortium are generally one to two years in length and are the type of project that is of broad interest but cannot be supported financially by one Consortium member. Projects that are specialized or very limited in scope are handled through the normal University research contract process.

Membership in the current Structural Dynamics Research Consortium is being solicited.  The focus of this year long project is outlined in the following pdf document.  This project will continue to add data acqusition features to the embedded data acquisition capability in X-Modal III.

Current UC Consortium Project [pdf]

To participate as a Structural Dynamics Research Consortium member, you will be asked to sign the following agreement to clarify participation and intellectual property issues.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

UC Structural Dynamics Consortium Membership Agreement [pdf]

If you are interested in receiving more information about the Structural Dynamics Research Consortium, the current Consortium Project and/or to suggest future Consortium Projects, please contact the SDRL Team at