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Universal Dataset Number 82

Name:   Tracelines
Status: Obsolete
Owner:  Simulation
Revision Date: 27-Aug-1987
Additional Comments:  This dataset is written by I-DEAS Test.
             Record 1: FORMAT(3I10)
                       Field 1 -    trace line number
                       Field 2 -    number of nodes defining trace line
                                    (maximum of 250)
                       Field 3 -    color
             Record 2: FORMAT(80A1)
                       Field 1 -    Identification line
             Record 3: FORMAT(8I10)
                       Field 1 -    nodes defining trace line
                               =    > 0 draw line to node
                               =    0 move to node (a move to the first
                                    node is implied)
             Notes: 1) MODAL-PLUS node numbers must not exceed 8000.
                    2) Identification line may not be blank.
                    3) Systan only uses the first 60 characters of the
                       identification text.
                    4) MODAL-PLUS does not support trace lines longer than
                       125 nodes.
                    5) Supertab only uses the first 40 characters of the
                       identification line for a name.
                    6) Repeat Datasets for each Trace_Line